5 Top Tips for Working from Home

30th April 2020

5 Top Tips for Working from Home

Due to recent events a lot of us have had to work from home, and at Forces Family Finance we
understand how difficult this change can be, so we decided to compile a list of our top tips to help
keep you productive at home!

1. Get dressed for work

Staying in your pyjamas all day is easy to do when working from home, but getting dressed as if
you’re going into the office will help put you more in the headspace that now is time to work (and
also help if you’re having a Skype meeting!)

2. Separate work and leisure

It’s very important to ensure that you separate spaces for working and spaces used for leisure time,
as you need to be able to focus on your work and not be distracted, but also be able to get away
from working when you need to. Try to work at a desk and not on the sofa!

3. Make a schedule

When working from home you should make sure that you still stick to your regular work hours, as
although it’s a different environment, you’re still working normally and have set times to clock in
and out. This will also help with your productivity as you can get into the mindset of your normal
working day.

4.Take regular breaks

It’s easy to lose track of time and stay glued to your screen all day, but you should always make sure
that you take regular breaks from your work as you would if you were in the office, as this will help
you to clear your mind so you can focus better when you get back.

5. Stay connected

The most important thing when working from home is to stay connected with your team! It can take
a bit of getting used to – especially if you’re used to being a few meters apart in the office – so make
sure to check in regularly and keep everyone updated so you can continue working together

It is also worth noting that most home insurance policies should also automatically cover you for
standard office equipment such as a printer or PC. It is always good practice to inform your insurer of
any change and if you are working from home as a result of Covid-19, then you should make sure that
any additional items that are at home with you or you have had to purchase are covered. However, if
your laptop is not owned by you then you will need to check with your employer.

But be aware. Your standard policy may not be adequate to cover specialist items, such as expensive
audio-visual or recording equipment.

If you run a business from home

When your home address is also your registered business address then your home insurance
company will need to know the nature of your business. They’ll want to know:

• If you’re just using your home for clerical work
• Whether you have regular visitors (subject to government guidance)
• Whether you store goods at home and what they are
• Whether you hold any specialist tools or equipment

They may decide to extend your contents cover to include your business stock and equipment, or
they could ask you to take out separate cover for these items.

If your home insurance is up for renewal and you would like a quote or some advice then please
contact the team on 0330 332 2614 (local call rates apply)