1st March 2023

What is a Green Mortgage?

We know the importance of looking after our planet and we love to make small changes that make a big difference. Switching from plastic straws to metal, reusable coffee cups and bags for life are common swaps, but what about mortgages? Is a Green Mortgage any good? So, what is a Green Mortgage? Green Mortgages […]

Housing, Mortgages
22nd February 2023

The High Income Child Benefit Charge Explained

Back in 2013 the High Income Child Benefit Charge was brought in by HMRC to withdraw child benefit from high earners. So, if it’s been a long time since you had a child, you might not be aware of this and could feel caught out if it happens to you. Once either you or your […]

Information, Military Life
15th February 2023

Property tax return when you’re not making money.

We know you already know that if you own a property you let out that you need to complete a tax return every year. But do you still need to do a property tax return even if you're not making any money from the house and you're employed? Yes - and this blog post will [...]
8th February 2023

How to Figure Out What Benefits You’re Entitled To.

If you saw our recent post about what Benefits you could be entitled to you might be wondering how to figure out what you can get, without having to check each individual benefit. What do I need to do? Firstly, you need to look up how much money you (and any partner that lives with […]

Budgeting, Finance
1st February 2023

Cost of Living Crisis: What are you entitled to?

If you’ve watched or read the news at all within the last 6 months you will have heard the term “Cost of Living Crisis” and probably noticed your bills going up. Many of us are tightening our belts this winter to try and counter the increasing utility bills, so it’s a great time to be […]

Budgeting, Information
3rd October 2022

“You feel as though you are the only customer” – Customer Feedback

Here at Forces Family Finance we truly understand the difficulties being in the forces can bring when it comes to financial services, so we always strive to do our best for you, like we did for this happy customer: I approached Forces Family Finance because I was struggling getting Life Cover and they were recommended […]

19th September 2022

“Overall, we had a great experience.” – Client Feedback

With the team having so much experience in the Military life, it enables us to have great knowledge to pass on to you all during what can be a very stressful time, like this happy client recently: The team had a lot about knowledge about the Military and Forces Help to Buy. They helped me […]

12th September 2022

“Very Good Communication” – Customer Feedback

Here at Forces Family Finance we know how important it is to have very good communication when you’re buying your first home, and as this client says, we do manage to achieve that. Read on to find out more about why we’re so excellent! We approached Forces Family Finance due to seeing them on a […]

5th September 2022

“Nothing felt formatted” – Customer Feedback

We strive to always treat every single person as a person and not just a number, and this enables us to be able to give excellent service bespoke to your individual needs, and we definitely succeeded with this client, read on to hear their words: We approached Forces Family Finance because we had no idea […]

29th August 2022

“Nothing ever seemed too much.” – Customer Testimonial

We love receiving feedback here at Forces Family Finance, and were really pleased to receive this review recently! We chose Forces Family Finance because we got the impression Nadine really understood the Forces way of life and how it can be awkward. We heard about them through recommendation and decided to go with them because […]