Gillian Jones Designs – Milspo COVID-19 Award Winner

10th December 2020

Gillian Jones Designs – Milspo COVID-19 Award Winner

At Forces Family Finance we wanted to feature all the winners of the 2020 Milspo Awards and this year’s Milspo COVID-19 Award Winner is Gillian from Gillian Jones Designs!

About Gillian

Gillian has had what you could call a “portfolio career” as she accomplished a BEng and PhD in manufacturing engineering from the University of Nottingham, started working for IBM as a software engineer and then joined the Royal Navy as an engineering officer before leaving on having children and being able to turn her hobby into a business!

Gillian won this award as she showed real grit and determination during COVID-19, despite facing the biggest challenges. Gillian is a business owner, veteran and mum who despite shielding for months embraced this new virtual world and managed to grow her business and create a ‘thank-you’ campaign for a local hospice.

About Gillian Jones Designs

Gillian Jones Designs was created after Gillian found out that people liked her work so much that she was able to turn it into her own business, and she set out to design a series of prints that were not the usual grey colour palette of military nautical art.

The business has since grown and expanded into Royal Air Force and British Army designs, as well as international navies.


If you want to learn some more about Gillian and what she does, you can check out her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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