Family Peg Dolls

4th March 2020

Family Peg Dolls

Forces Family Friday

As part of Forces Family Friday, we love to share other veteran and mil spouse businesses, and this time we would love to shout out Laura Shinn from Family Peg Dolls !

Laura shared her story with us, and told us how she came about to do what she does now!

@familypegdolls Instagram – Feb 2020

About Laura

‘I’m Laura, I’m 31 and I have 2 little girls called Annabelle and Poppy and a Black Lab called Ella. I’ll be moving into my 5th house in 5 years in the summer and as many of us military families know, it can be so difficult to put down roots so to be able to do something that I can move around with me is invaluable. I’ve always been quite a creative person but after growing up and school telling me that it was silly to try do anything with it –  I do  admin as well as having a love of painting.’

About the business

Laura says: I started making the peg dolls for my children and after sharing a few pictures here and there on my own social media, I received a lot of interest from family and friends. I was then lucky enough to do a course which gave me the confidence to share my content and the rest is history! My small business has only been going for less then 6 months but I love the impact my peg dolls can have on the little people they are made for. One mini customer recently was in hospital and it makes me so happy that the peg doll I made her could bring her a little bit of comfort and security to hold on to in a pretty scary time.’

Support her business

If would like to check out Laura’s business for yourself, you can contact her on, and to see her in action, you can see her time-lapse video here.

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