Nala Coaching – Milspo Network Award Winner

8th December 2020

Nala Coaching – Milspo Network Award Winner

At Forces Family Finance we wanted to feature all the winners of the 2020 Milspo Awards and this year’s Milspo Networking Award Winner based on nominations is Abbie Sorabjee from Nala Coaching!

About Abbie

“I started out as a process engineer, working in a big corporate company and feeling very disillusioned with the 9-5 lifestyle – especially as I was living many hours away from my military boyfriend (now husband!). Thankfully, I stumbled across some property investment training and decided to take the leap to start a property investment business, despite having no capital for even one deposit! 18 months later, I had replaced enough of my salary with passive income from property that I was able to leave my full-time job forever.

Nearly 6 years on and I have never looked back. I now own a property portfolio valued at over £1.7 million and have enough passive income from my properties to support my lifestyle. This has given me so much freedom, particularly as a military spouse. I am able to move around with my husband through every posting, without having to struggle to look for a new job each time, whilst continually growing my portfolio and knowing that I have my own independent income.”

Her Mission

“I founded Nala Coaching nearly 2 years ago to help other women, particularly other military spouses and partners, to do the same.

Nala Coaching’s mission is to support women to achieve financial freedom by building a successful property investment business with confidence & clarity. I am passionate about empowering women with the tools and know-how to create a lifestyle of their own design through the power of a profitable property portfolio. Property can be a very male-dominated industry, but in reality, it is completely possible for anyone to achieve amazing success regardless of your background.”

Nala Coaching Now

“Originally, I provided my coaching content face-to-face with my clients wherever possible. However, after many moves with the military, I realised I needed to change my business model. When my husband and I were posted to Kenya, I knew I needed to take things online and I was in the process of refining what this would look like when COVID struck in early 2020.

I was evacuated back to the UK in April 2020 straight into the middle of lockdown, suddenly unable to run my business as I had done before. After a few weeks of recovering emotionally from the situation, I decided to use the time being stuck in a house in lockdown to create online courses which contained all of the information I would normally relay in person to my clients. I found myself a mentor who had set up online course before (Suzy 🙂 ) and set myself to work! Finally, after many hours sat in front of a laptop recording my own voice (which felt very strange!!), I was ready to launch my first Buy-to-Let with Infinite Returns online course in September 2020.

Now, Nala Coaching runs jargon-free, personalised and actionable coaching programmes & courses for my clients to learn everything they need to create your own profitable property investment business. All of my resources are based on an online platform, making all of Nala Coaching’s resources as accessible as possible, so that my clients can access me as a mentor and all of my coaching content wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.”


To find out more about Abbie and what she does, you can check out her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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