The Big Support

30th May 2020

The Big Support

Times are tough at the moment for a lot of people, and it’s particularly hard to be a small business in a time like this which is why The InDependent Spouse and Small Business Britain teamed up and started a campaign to support these businesses and showcase a different one each day throughout the month of May.

What is it?

In case you missed out, The Big Support had an aim to provide business aid and mental health support for small business, and to offer hope for business owners as well as their families and staff during this time of crisis. A business was showcased each day on their social media pages which would be seen by and shared within the Armed Forces community as well as the wider business community.

You can read more about it on the Milspo Business Network blog

Thank You!

We are very grateful to be included in this campaign so make sure that you check out The InDependent Spouse and Small Business Britain as linked above, as well as all the other great business that were showcased this month!