What is the contact number for Forces Help to Buy?

15th September 2020

What is the contact number for Forces Help to Buy?

For Serving Forces personnel who plan to use Forces Help to Buy the wait for your PIN (Personal Information Note) document to arrive can be a tense time. In the current C19 situation, where many are still working reduced hours or from home, this can prove even more of a challenge as a hard copy has been traditionally delivered to your Unit address. However, following an update you can now request it to be sent via email to help with the situation as an interim measure.

MoD is also considering a change to the application form (JPA E036) to include the option of requesting a soft copy to an email address.

Forces Family Finance are delighted to hear this improvement in the application process at what is already a stressful time for our mortgage clients.

You can request your PIN be sent by email by telephone (94560 3600), email (DBS JPAC Enquiry Centre) or Support request to the DBS JPAC EC (ensuring that details of the email account to which the PIN is to be sent are provided).

If you have any questions about purchasing a house using Forces Help To Buy, or want a specialist military mortgage broker call us on 0330 3322 614 or download our Forces Help to Buy guide here

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